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Repair of general electronics

Repair of general electronics

Our team will provide you with professional repair of equipment of any complexity.

Our experts are qualified specialists with working experience of at least five years.

Repair takes place quickly, with a warranty and after agreeing on details and prices with the client. We do not repair anything without the client's consent, so the client will know the price and breakdown details in advance.

We offer:

  • Repair of squares and replacement of batteries
  • Segway, Hoverboard, gyro scooters battery repair and replacement
  • Bicycles, steppers, treadmills and other exercise equipment
  • Scooters for disabled, electric mopeds for people with reduced mobility and battery replacement
  • Electric gates, doors and other automatics.
  • Smart home, Arduino, Raspberry PI
  • Children's electric cars and ATVs, electronic toys
  • Remotes
  • And much more

Payment after repair. Pay for results, not promises.


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