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Repair of agricultural machinery:

Repair of agricultural machinery

We are the ones who ensure the safe operation of the equipment, which is exposed to high loads on a daily basis - the resulting damage causes a loss of work process efficiency, which has a negative impact on the business.

Our specialists will perform diagnostics and repairs of agricultural electronics:

  • Controller Repair - We repair a wide range of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). We repair input / output ports, power circuits, read the program with the longest stitch in the new controller, repair control boards, etc.
  • Servo drive repair - we repair rotary motion servomotors (synchronous and asynchronous), linear motion servo drives (flat and round), electromechanical servo drives.
  • Repair of control panels, monitors (with LCD panels) - we change (select) Touch-Skreen, but change displays, renew power and control circuits, repair or change the keyboard, perform extensive repairs of controls.
  • Repair of control boards, power modules and relays
  • Regulator and console repair
  • Repair of other agricultural electronics

If your agricultural electronics need diagnostics, routine or overhaul, as well as modernization, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

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