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Home appliances repair

Home appliances repair

Our team provides professional repair of household appliances of any complexity.

Our experts are qualified specialists with a working experience of at least five years. Repair of electronics from different manufacturers takes place in the shortest possible time on a specialized equipment, using original spare parts. In case of the damage, we will carry out further repairs only after making an agreement on the details and price with the customer.

Repair of small household appliances:

  • Water heaters,
  • boilers,
  • ovens,
  • cooker hoods,
  • ironing systems,
  • electric fireplace,
  • electric stove (surface),
  • steamers,
  • vacuum cleaners,
  • beauty equipment, hairdryer, hair curler, LED mirrors, LED lamps, cutters, etc.

Repair of kitchen appliances:

  • Blenders,
  • Kettles,
  • Thermopodes,
  • Multicookers,
  • Meat grinders,
  • Microwave ovens, coffee makers, coffee machines, etc.

Repair of large household appliances:

  • Professional sewing equipment
  • Professional kitchen equipment
  • Professional washing equipment
  • Dishwashers etc.

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