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Industrial electronics repair

Agricultural machinery repair

Port electronics repair

General electronics repair

Electronics Repair

If you don't want to waste your time, send your device to us using the Omnivia, DPD or others parcel machine.
Since 2010, our company has been engaged in the repair and maintenance of all types of complex electronics, which are regularly out of order. Repair of on-board computers, relays, control units of various sizes and other Owned repair bases and the presence of highly qualified service specialists allow our company to perform comprehensive repairs.

All Industrial electronics repair


Truck and hoist electronics repair


Repair of agricultural machinery


Home appliances electronics repair


Repair of all types of harbor crane electronics


Communication, TV, Audio computers


Marine equipment electronics repair


Repair of general electronics


Our repair shops:

14 - 2 Emilijas Benjamiņa street, Riga, (ex. Gogola 14/2)

Electronics repair shops

Riga, Zolitude street 21A

Electronics repair service center


Telepit - all types of electronics repair
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